Design the initial shape of the dishes

Design the initial shape of the dishes

It will take a long time to produce a product. Parts of the production of a product are not visible to consumers, but the producer cannot ignore it.

Design of the initial shape of the container, mold, raw material, machining, assembly, variety of production methods, economic considerations, successful executive samples, product quality, competitive market etc. are only parts of the final product in the consumer hand.

As mentioned in previous sections, it is important to observe the sanitation and not involving labor in the production stages of a product.

This issue is very important not only because of health considerations, but also because of cost – effective.

With a little deliberation in the surrounding environment, we conclude that many of the tools, products and … that we face in our daily lives are made up of several pieces. So the importance of assembling parts in our lives is not unknown to anyone else.

And intelligent tools and automation can help to optimize construction and assembly process.

In fact, machine tools act like robots and and are a accurate, hygienic, high speed and cost – effective replacement for human resources.

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