Foam or Seal

Foam or Seal

Each product should be harmless to the public, Animals and ecosystems and the legal supervision should be exercised before selling each product, And if this supervisions are limited, it is recommended that you raise the level of knowledge to choose the best and most hygenic product in order to respect your rights.

What is Foam or Seal? What is the reason for using it in products?

Certainly while using food products, hygenic, cans and … we have encountered a piece of Aluminum inside the cap or on the top of it. This piece of Aluminum is called Seal. In fact, which has a direct relationship between producing a prouduct and humans health, the use of many factory products has become widespread , consideration of hygienic points and supervision of health institutions on manufactured and consumer prouducts.

Packaged food products are exposed to spoilage as soon as the air molecules are adjacent to the air molecules, And also sanitation at the time of production and packaging of productsThey are adjacent to the air molecules. And cost  effectiveness is very important among food industry factories

Using foam or seal is one of the factors that has special importance in the product placement process and helps prevent corruption and contamination from entering into the product.

Flood or foam should be used by observing all health issues in the closure process. Which is done by all the flooding automatic.

From the advantages of this machine, we can mention: The work quality of the machine is not comparable with the accuracy of the human force due to the sensitivity of the flood in its proper location.

Due to the high speed of the machine, It is cost effective in comparison with human resources.

It is possible to adjust the speed of the apparatus according to the amount of production..

Our strict advice to all consumers is to trust the products that have hygienic screening procedures in the production stages.

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