This story

This story

Everything has a story. The first of each event is impressive and interesting…

First sealing:

In 1957-1958 – Original concept and method for Induction Sealing is conceived and proven by Jack Palmer (a process engineer at that time for the FR Corporation – Bronx, NY) as a means of solving liquid leakage from polyethylene bottles during shipment. Induction sealing has been used worldwide since the mid-1960s

Inventor of ChildProf:

The first childproof cap was invented in 1967 by a Canadian doctor “Henri Breault” in collaboration with a manufacturer ” Peter Hedwick” . and It has been mandatory on all medicine bottle caps since 1974 in Canada.

After that, can imagine how many lives of today’s generation have been saved.

Today we take this for granted, but 53 years ago this style was a revolutionary innovation in product safety for consumers and At that time, it reduced accidental medicine ingestion in children by 91%.

We help the safety of hundreds of children every year by ensuring that the assembly of this product is properly closed so that it reaches the end customer.

Our role in this style of packaging is small but significant.

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